Skeleton Costumes

Are you ready to rattle some bones this Halloween? Scare the living daylights out of your friends, family and neighbours as you turn up as the skeletal figure that is oh so popular on October 31st. Skeleton costumes are a favourite amongst all ages, young and old, and we have a huge selection of skeleton fancy dress that's so humerus, you won’t believe your bones! For the gentleman in the back, our men’s dapper skeleton costume will leave you looking as smart as ever, whilst you shake up some moves on the dance floor. For the ladies, our skeleton tutu costume is a cute interpretation of the undead creature. If you have children, they can take part too. Girls can opt for our White Skeleton Costume with a tutu to match mum, and for the boys, our Facepiece Skeleton Onesie Costume will scare the other trick or treaters away! We also have a range of accessories to go with your skeleton outfit. For that added touch, add skeleton makeup to transform you into a life-like skeleton and disguise your former human self!