Peaky Blinders Costumes

Return to post WWI Birmingham and transform yourself into Tommy Shelby and the gang with our Peaky Blinders costumes. Known for the distinguished look of a full suit with waistcoat and trademark peaked cap, these intimidating but smart persona of the Peaky Blinders makes it a great costume idea for any party. Rock up to a 1920’s themed event in style, rock the Tommy Shelby persona for Halloween or gather your mates and hit town as a gang of Shelby’s. Our Peaky Blinders fancy dress costumes feature a range of official outfits from the show, as well as other 1902’s mobster costume ideas. Pinstripe suits, hats and pocket suspenders were the style back then and now you can bring it back! Accessorise with fake guns and other weapons as any true 1920’s gangster should. Explore all our Peaky Blinders costume ideas right here and get ready to show everyone who’s boss! “By order of the peaky blinders”.