Fortnite Costumes

Hop into your Xbox or PC and become a character of one of the world’s most popular video games! Do you fancy a chilled night in with your friends or family this Halloween, playing Fornite? Dress up in style for the occasion with our cool collection of Fortnite costumes. Based on the character skins from the game, Fortnite fancy dress can be used for any occasion that calls for some dressing up! Rattle some bones this Halloween as a Skull Trooper; we have a variety of different Fortnite Skull Tropper costumes for both adults and children. Go for the stylish pink female avatar in our Brite Bomber costumes for both ladies and young teens, or transform into the dark and mysterious Black Knight. Of course, no character from Fortnite would be complete without their axe, so add a bit of fun to your Fortnite costume with our inflatable axes!