Batman Costumes & Fancy Dress

Nananananan Batman! He’s the most loved superhero on the planet that fights crime with gadgets and unique combat skills. He may not have superpowers, but our alter-ego Bruce Banner is a comic book hero that’s popular with adults and kids of all ages. Transform into the cape-crusader yourself with our butt-kicking collection of Batman costumes. Choose Batman outfits with the original comic-book appearance of the 1950’s, the iconic Batman The Dark Knight costume from director Christopher Nolan or the menacing armoured Batman outfit worn by Ben Affleck in Batman vs Superman. From movies and comics to the best-selling video games, we have Batman fancy dress costumes in a full bat cave of styles. They’re not just for the guys either! Find cute Bat Girl outfits for kids and adults and get your whole group of family or friends dressed up. As more comics and movies are released, we’re always increasing our arsenal of Batman dress-up ideas. He’s the perfect character to become for Halloween, a themed superhero party, World Book Day or simply dressing your little one up for nursery.