TV & Movie Fancy Dress

Get ready to walk down the Hollywood Hall of Game and grace the red carpet dressed as one of the latest and greatest movie stars of our time! Our TV show and movie costumes are inspired by films from every decade and we’re always updating our collection to bring you the coolest new outfits from cinema. Dress up in classic movie fancy dress such as the Ghostbusters, Baywatch and Beetlejuice; animated movies like Shrek, Disney’s Frozen and the Flintstones, or new Hollywood blockbusters. The Marvel superhero universe of movie costumes is forever expanding and you can’t get any cooler than Star Wars! Movie fancy dress is a top choice for dressing up at Halloween, hosting your own Hollywood party, organising a night out or attending a themed event. There’s an endless amount of personalities to choose from so all of your friends can dress as someone different. It’s all about getting creative and we’re here to help with you some excellent TV and movie costume ideas! Browse our entire category to uncover outfit options for adults, kids, babies and dogs.