Police Costumes

It’s time to grab hold of your hand cuffs and get the siren on, as you travel through town hunting down criminals! Being a police officer is tough going, and if you don’t want to be in the centre of crime and danger, you can be a wannabe police officer and simply transform into one for the day. Police costumes suit men, women and children of all ages. Little ones love to dress up and demand authority and it's an insanely popular theme for a night out. Do you have a cops and robbers themed party? Or how about a Hen or Stag party that needs someone in charge? We have snazzy police costumes for the gents and sexy police costumes for the ladies out there. If you have a family party to attend and don’t want to leave your kiddos out, they can get in on the fun too. Get them suited and booted in a full police outfit, or accessorise with a policeman’s hat, bat and handcuffs. Police fancy dress is affordable, and there's no mistake who you're dressed as.