Super Mario Costumes

Gather the crew together and become a gang of the most famous video game characters of all time. Welcome to our fantasy world of Super Mario costumes! For those of you that are familiar with Super Mario, you’ll remember the difficult challenges he had to face, jumping over toadstools to rescue Princess Peach and losing coins as Bowser attacks. Stuck for ideas for your hen-do, stag-do, or themed outdoor BBQ party? Look no no further! We have Super Mario costumes for both the ladies and men out there, Luigi costumes and many more of the characters featured in the video game collection. A cute unisex Yoshi costume, Wario and Waluigi all make the line-up, making it a great costume idea for groups. For those of you who want to go all out and look extra wacky, you can opt for our Plumber Piggy Bag Costumes. They’re super fun and comical and will have everyone in hysterics! Walk through the bar appearing as though you're riding on the shoulders of Mario or Luigi. Power up your Nintendo 64 and get ready to get lost in a world of Super Mario fancy dress! A personal favourite idea of ours is to don Mario outfits for a round of go-karting with your mates.

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