Fancy Dress Accessories

A good costume is very important for achieving the look of a particular character, however fancy dress accessories is what will make your outfit stand out from the crowd and perfect your look. Our extravagant costume accessories range covers everything from prop weapons, wands and tiaras to animal tails, masks and face paint. We have generic accessories such as swords and shields, and more specific items relating to a character. Captain America wouldn’t be complete without his trademark red, blue and white shield and Mary Poppins couldn’t fly without her trusty parrot-head umbrella. You can even create a costume solely from fancy dress accessories. Combine them with your own clothes or buy a costume kit and you have a low-cost outfit without much effort involved. It’s all about being creative! Check out our full range of costume accessories for adults and kids and have fun picturing exactly how your outfit will look once assembled. It’s always worth looking through this category to see if you’ve missed something.