Nun Costumes

Are you looking to dress as a nun for a night out or have a religious themed party to attend? Maybe you're dressing up for a live performance or musical? We have a wide range of nun costumes that will have you looking like Maria from The Sound of Music, or Whoopi Goldberg's character in Sister Act. You’ll be sure to have a nun of fun! Devote yourself to God in our innocent Instant Nun Costume Kit, where you’ll be repeating the sins that you’ve committed all day long, revealing a purer, innocent you. Alternatively, why not dress up as something a little different for Halloween, as you make people beg for forgiveness to the lord! Our Halloween Zombie Nun Outfit is guaranteed to give others a scare in October and our Scary Mary is simply terrifying! If you’re wanting to really make spines tingle this Halloween, dress up in our Valak costume. Inspired by the most haunting characters on our screens, The Nun, you'll leave a wake of terror in your path. Whether you're looking for nice nun outfits, or nun costumes on the scary scale, we have exactly what you need to transform into one with God.