Cowgirl Costumes

Grab your friends or your partner and show off your barnstormer dance moves as a sexy cowgirl. Take it back to the wild wild west; a time where Native Americans roamed the lands and cowboys duelled in the middle of town to claim their territory. If you have a western party coming up, or fancy something different for a night out, then we have plenty of cowgirl costumes for you. She may look cute, but don’t let her beauty fool you, as she can drink you under the table in our Dirty Desperado Costume! Everyone else be afraid, very afraid... as you come out to hunt for bandits in our Wild West Brown Cowgirl Outfit. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to splash out on a full-blown cowgirl outfit, you can simply create a DIY cowgirl costume with a shirt and high waisted shorts. Team it up with one of our cowgirl hats; from a girly pink hat to a more traditional brown cowgirl hat, a holster, revolver and spurs. All you’re missing now is a horse to ride to the party! Yee-ha!