Let’s face it, dressing up isn’t just fun for the kids, it’s for those loved up couples who want to celebrate all occasions together. It's also for best friends that want to coordinate their outfits for the part! Put your best costumes forward as its #couplegoals all round! Team up with your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby or wife and choose from one of our couples costumes ideas. We have a selection of horrortastic couples costumes for Halloween, fairytale costumes that are great no matter the season, and even couples costumes suited for World Book Day. Guard Crystal Lake as if your life depended on it and hurt those that dare to step over the line as Mr and Mrs Voorhees. Practice your slow-motion walk along the beach and into the sea as you re-create the scene from Baywatch, as the ultimate Baywatch duo. Alternatively, attend all of your classes as you perfect those spells and defeat the Dark Lord, as the witch and wizard couple. Doing things together just makes everything so much more fun! Browse our full collection of couples costumes ideas right here!