1960s Fancy Dress

Welcome to our swinging 60s fancy dress category, where you’ll find inspiration on everything you need to have you looking like a classic Beatle, groovy hippie or character from an iconic 1960’s movie. As one of the most memorable eras of the past century, 60s costumes are the perfect choice for any birthday party, high school reunion or simply hosting your own wacky gathering at home and getting your friends to dress up. Some of our favourite 60s outfits based on the era include a purple Austin Powers suit - it’s crazy baby! There’s also Star Trek costumes based on the main characters, so you can relive the start of one of the most popular Sci-Fi shows ever to grace our TV’s. Aside from movies and TV shows, the go-to 60s fancy dress idea has to be hippie costumes. Think colourful ‘flower power’ shirts, groovy facial fair and tie-dye dresses. We have 60s outfits for both men and women!