Inflatable Costumes

Do you want to make your friends and family laugh at your next party or gathering? Maybe you want to win the prize for the best fancy-dress costume? Of course you do! Move over all you boring costumes, and say hello to fun inflatable costumes! They’re perfect for children’s parties, Halloween and any comical themed fancy dress parties. Roll into the party as a towering T-rex dinosaur, or if you’ve got a stag-do coming up, opt for inflatable costumes on the more shocking side. Stripper or giant inflatable pink willy anyone? If you want to stir things up, transform into President Trump when he was a baby and fly the American flag. If you don’t feel brave enough to wear one of our blow up costumes, you can browse through our inflatable accessories. They're the perfect compliment to any outfit. If you’re going for that wet, beach look vibe, grab an inflatable beach ball, or a blow up gun accessory to compliment your army man costume. Go ahead and make someone roll on the floor laughing in your inflatable fancy dress costume!