Ghostbusters costumes

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    Adult Female Ghostbuster Dress Costume

    Includes dress, cap and backpack.

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    Adult Women's Ghostbusters Costume

    Includes bodysuit, cap and backpack.

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    Adult Kevin Ghostbusters Costume

    Includes printed jumpsuit.

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    Adult Ghostbuster 80s Couple Combination

    Fabulous Ghostbuster couple costume set.

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    Adult Ecto Goggles

    Includes goggles.

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    The 4 Ghostbusters Team

    An ideal costume for any Halloween or 1980s party theme and definitely a favourite here at Jokers' Masquerade.

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    Child Ghostbusters 80s Costume

    Character costume from one of the best films of the 1980's. Includes beige jumpsuit and inflatable proton pack.

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    Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man Couple Costumes

    Includes Ghostbuster and Marshmallow Man costumes.

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    Sexy Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man Couple Costumes

    Includes female Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man costumes.


From the classic style uniform to the the modern rebooted style here you'll discover Ghostbusters costumes that will appeal to your needs. Available in a range of sizes, we're confident that our choice of officially endorsed Ghostbusters fancy dress will hit the spot. So what are you waiting for, pick out a Ghostbusters costume for you and your squad and hit the town already.

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