Egyptian, Roman and Greek Costumes

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    Women's Roman Toga

    Includes dress and belt.

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    Deluxe Perseus Clash of the Titans Costume

    Includes moulded chest armour, gauntlets, shin guards and tunic.

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    Adult Cleopatra Costume

    Includes dress with attached belt, collar, wrist cuffs, cape and headpiece.

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    Adult Serpentine Goddess Costume

    Includes dress, headpiece and cuff.

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    Roman Senator Costume

    Includes robe, belt and headpiece.

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    Mystical Mummy Costume

    Includes dress, glovette, headband and leg warmers

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    Adult Mark Antony Costume

    Includes tunic, cape, headpiece, cuffs and belt.

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    Adult Horus God Of The Sky Costume

    Includes printed tunic, collar and mask.

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    Adult Collectors' Spartan 300 Costume

    Includes helmet, chest piece, biceps, gauntlets, shin guards, trunks with thigh pieces, jumpsuit, cape and shield.

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    Deluxe Female Gladiator Costume

    Includes dress, cape, arm covers and head tie.

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    Adult Gorgeous Gladiator Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes dress and wrist cuffs

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    Golden Goddess Costume

    Includes dress with attached cape and headpiece.

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    Deluxe Roman Empress Costume

    Includes dress with attached drape.

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    Adult Bastet the Cat Costume

    Includes dress with collar, draped sleeves and mask

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    Coral Goddess Costume

    Includes dress, capelet with attached armbands and headpiece.

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    Adult Greek Spartan Queen Costume

    Includes dress and armband.

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    Cleopatra Outfit

    Includes dress, belt, arm bands, wrist bands and cape with attached collar.

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    Egyptian Couple Combination

    Become king and queen of the Nile with this fantastic Egyptian couple combination!

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    Fever Goddess Costume

    Includes dress, belt, arm cuffs, choker and headpiece.

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    Woodland Goddess Costume

    Includes dress with attached capelets and headpiece


Find your favourite historical character here, whether they be fact or fiction. Check out the head wear on the roman gladiator fancy dress costume and the Pharaoh fancy dress costumes, impressive eh?

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