Zombie Costumes

Look like you’ve just rolled out of bed as one of the most popular characters to dress up as for Halloween. Zombies are notoriously scary! They can be found roaming the streets at night, or in graveyards, emerging out of their coffins when the sun goes down. We have a wide range of Zombie Costumes for both adults and children, and not just any zombie costumes. These freaky outfits are based on undead characters from hit Hollywood films, video games and characters from uniformed professions such as police, military and even zombie cheerleaders! Get ready for lots of guts and gore as our Possessed Zombie Nurse is on her way to give you a full examination. It’s sexy, bloody, but oh so sexy. Break out of prison and hunt down your enemy in a Convict Zombie Outfit. Guys too can match as a prisoner too. With the outfit covered in blood stains, no one will want to mess with him again! Your kids can join in on the action with our popular schoolboy and girl zombie costumes, where they'll decay away at school after having endless amounts of homework to do. Our Zombie fancy dress range features loads of fake blood, special effects makeup and high-end products for you to enjoy this Halloween!