Witch Costumes

Witches make a great costume for Halloween. They’re famous for their large, pointy hat, long crooked fingers (that are in desperate need of a manicure) and a large mole on their face. And of course their magic spells and potions! They have grown more and more popular over the years from the famous TV show, Sabrina The Teenage Witch to movies featuring witches, such as Hocus Pocus and Nanny McPhee. We have a wide range of witch costumes that are far from the traditional witch outfit. We’ve added a bit more sparkle and all things nice into the cauldron to make you feel that bit glamourous! If you want to get heads turning and make all the other witches jealous, then opt for our Body Shaper Witch Costume. No old, smelly witch capes allowed! If you’re a lover of Harry Potter or have a Harry Potter themed party to go to and fancy becoming the brainbox of the year, then our Hermione costume is the perfect choice for you. If your little girl wants to become a witch for World Book Day, we have our kitty witch, Halloween witch and our green witch costumes to choose from. Our witch fancy dress outfits include something for all tastes this Halloween! And no witch would be complete without her broom and hat, so be sure to complete your witch costume with our accessories. Go on and cast a spell on your pick of the bunch at your next party!