Werewolf Costumes

During the full moon, unleash your wolfie-side and transform from a human into a werewolf. Gnarl your teeth and get your claws at the ready for a very, hairy Halloween. Tear up the dancefloor at the Halloween party of the year in one of our werewolf costumes and you'll make it one to remember! Werewolves are popular creatures that feature in both movies and books, as well as tales from the past. From the Big Bad Wolf in the Little Read Riding Hood story, to Professor Lupin, who transforms into a werewolf in Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, werewolves have had a big impact on film. Our most popular werewolf costume has to be our Teen Wolf Costume. It’s based on the classic film of the 80s, so if you want to step back in time and transform into this fearsome creature, then this costume is the one for you. We also have werewolf costumes for kids too. A cute wolf onesie costume will keep your boy or girl snug for Halloween, and our  Miss Werewolf costumes is perfect for young teen girls. If you’re not looking to go all out on werewolf fancy dress, or you're on a budget, then opt for one of our affordable, yet scary werewolf masks. They'll have you howling at the full moon this Halloween! All you need to do is put on your favourite chequered shirt and you're party ready.