Space Costumes

Howdy space ranger, are you looking for space costumes that will blow your mind and blast you off into another dimension? Our space fancy dress range is filled with outfits based on classic Sci-Fi movies, the latest Star Wars stories and plenty of inter-galactic themed characters. Will you go for the smart look of a NASA astronaut ready to complete their first mission aboard the International Space Station? Maybe you want to look like an alien that’s just touched down from another planet? Browse our entire collection of space costumes and find options for both adults and kids. You can then accessorise with blaster guns, helmets, masks and space weapons to give your costume an edge. Outfits based on the Star Trek Enterprise Crew and original Star Wars trilogy are some of the most popular options, but we have outfits for Rick and Morty or the Space Invaders game too if you’re on the hunt for something on the funnier side of the galaxy!