Roman Costumes & Fancy Dress

Enter our Colosseum of Roman costumes to transform into a brave Roman soldier, sexy scholar, empress or Rome or Julius Caesar himself. Our Roman fancy dress range is inspired by characters and toga fashion trends from ancient Rome and will truly make you feel like a citizen of the mighty empire. Jump back 2000 years to a time where gladiators fought in the arena, the emperor ruled over an ever-expanding territory and noble Roman queens were symbols of beauty and envy for the lowly peasants of the city. Roman outfits for men include fierce Gladiators, Roman Praetorian soldiers, emperors and scholars, whilst women can dress up in beautiful togas with a traditional leaf tiara. We have Roman costumes for kids to! Dress the little ones up in cool toga outfits for a school play or trip to the museum. With accessories and Roman fancy dress costumes inspired by the iconic characters of 200 AD, you’ll find exactly what you need to look like a citizen of this important period in history.