Mens Fairytale Costumes

Become the saviour of the land and destroy all the evil that the witches and queens have summoned. Gallop through the forests to find clues to the whereabouts of the princess, and who knows, you may even find your one true love. Do you have a fairy-tale themed party coming up, or want to take part and dress up for World Book Day with your little ones? We have a wide range of Mens Fairytale Costumes that will have you feeling strong and powerful as the hero of the story. Transform into a shining star of the hour and become a knight in shining armour. Our Noble Knight Costume is perfect for any medieval themed occasion, or perhaps you want to dress up for a live performance? Our mens fairytale fancy dress collection is full of mythical knights, dragons, wizards and warlocks. Steal from the rich and give to the poor as you become the hero of Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood. Alternatively, become the strongest and most powerful character alive from Roman myth, Hercules! If you’re looking for something a bit more comical to dress up with your mates, then how about one of our hilarious male princess costumes? Bro White and Sleeping Boozy will give you a fairytale look that's perfect for stag do's! Find our full collection of mens fairytale costumes on and get ready for the party with us!