Mens 80s Costumes

The 1980s was a time where wacky clothes were a thing and men stood tall and proud in their tight lycra suits. Shell suits were worn by many and were right on trend! Basically, anything tight, bright and wacky was right on trend in the eighties. If you were either born in the 80s, or grew up during this era and want to relive the fun you had when you were younger, then you’re in the right place. Our mens 80s costumes are set to give you a cool, retro look! Transform into a famous pop icon of this era, with outfits based on the likes of Freddie Mercury or Boy George. If you’re looking for mens 80s fancy dress that's a bit more fun and vibrant, dress as the Freshest Prince or a the one and only Elton John. You can even go as Mario and Luigi from the all time classic game, Mario or hunt for some ghouls as a Ghostbuster! All of our mens 80s costumes are guaranteed to make you look like the coolest 80s kid on the block!