Kids Space Costumes

Everyone wants to be an astronaut when they grow up and now you can make your children’s dreams come true! Our cool collection of kids space costumes is jam packed full of quirky Sci-Fi and astronaut outfits, from everyone’s favourite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, to aliens from far away galaxies, Star Wars characters and the Guardians of the Galaxy squad from the Marvel Comics world. Childrens space costumes are a good choice for Halloween parties, trick or treating or dressing up for a birthday party where your little one wants to create a show-stopping look from another planet. Many of the most popular space movies and shows have costumes based on their characters and they’re all here for you to check out before you board the space shuttle! Kids space fancy dress ideas that we highly recommend are Chewbacca, the big furry, friendly giant from Star Wars, Jake the Avatar from the hit Avatar movie and bad guy Thanos from the Avengers movies. Once you’ve picked the best kids space outfit, accessorise with cool laser-beam weapons, lightsabers, galactic blue face paints and other Sci-Fi props.