Harry Potter Costumes

With a flick of a magic wand you’ll be transformed into your favourite J.K Rowling imagined character. Browse our entire wardrobe of Harry Potter costumes for adults and kids and you’ll fit right in at any school of witchcraft and wizardry. Choose a unique Harry Potter outfit to become the star of the show and browse the different appearances from each movie. Will you go for the classic Gryffindor costume or Harry in his Quidditch-match robes? Other popular Harry Potter fancy dress ideas include Hermione, Ron and Malfoy. Alternatively, become a dark wizard by dressing as the feared Lord Voldemort or wear a cool Dobby mask to pose as everyone’s favourite house elf. Harry Potter costumes are based on all the top characters and you’ll fit in perfectly at wizarding events such as birthday parties, Halloween and World Book Day. There’s always an occasion for spell casting! If you already have a Harry Potter outfit and want to complete the finishing touches, accessories such as wands, broomsticks, hats, scarves and the elusive golden snitch are great add-ones.