Harley Quinn Costumes

Unleash your wild side and transform into DC Comics most recognised female villains! Harley Quinn is known to be Gotham City’s most deceitful character and lover of another supervillain, The Joker. At first glance, she might seem all charming, playful and innocent, but really, she’s full of utter craziness. Delve deep into her character and unleash your inner Harley with one of our Harley Quinn Costumes. The movie-inspired look is great for Halloween, World Book Day or film-themed parties. Choose a Harley Quinn Costume based on her look in the Suicide Squad movie, where she starred alongside other villains, The Joker, Deadshot and Enchantress. Alternatively, a Comic-style Harley Quinn outfit is perfect for those that want Harley's original appearance from the DC comic books. Everyone will recognise who you are at Comic-con! If you’re not looking for an entire outfit, and fancy putting a look together yourself, you can opt for our Harley Quinn Jacket Costume, wig and bat accessory. She's always changing her appearance and now you can too! Just don't forget the trademark face tattoos, lots of glitter and the trademark pigtails!