Halloween Movie Costumes

If you fancy looking like you’ve just stepped out of a Hollywood movie and swapping a smart suit or a floor-length dress for something a little more frightening, then our Halloween Movie Costumes are for you. Halloween is the perfect time to gather your friends over for a movie night, dressed as characters from the likes of Beetle Juice, Hocus Pocus and Edward Scissorhands. Or how about Freddy vs Jason, SAW or The Exorcist? Who doesn't love curling up on the edge of a sofa hiding behind a pillow? If you're heading out to a party, why not dress up as the oh so popular characters from DC Comics, The Joker, and his lover, Harley Quinn. It’s the perfect Halloween movie costume to wear if you’re going out as a pair. Alternatively, give others something to remember for nights on end dressed as the creepy doll, Chucky. He’s a killer and one not to be messed with! It makes a great horror movie costume idea for slightly older kids and adults. Clowns also make great characters to dress as for Halloween. Based on the movie IT, scare your friends and family as Pennywise, the child-killing clown. Don’t forget to team your Halloween movie costume with face paint to complete your look!