Doll Costumes

Little girls love playing with dolls; they dress them up in pretty clothes and do their hair in cute pigtails. When the spookiest time of the year comes around, dolls change and aren’t the same as they used to be. As soon as night falls and the moon is full, they come alive and transform into real life dolls. Our cool collection of Doll Costumes are perfect for any Halloween party or trick or treating, so tilt your head to the side and practise the doll stance ready for your party. Seek revenge on those who pierced pins into your body and dress as a Voodoo Rag doll, or if you want to hunt down those who ‘wound’ you up all the time, get them back in our Wind Me Up Doll Costume. If you’re looking to haunt your friends and family, you can transform into the most famous evil doll of all time, Chucky. She’s terrifying and will haunt you in your sleep. Chucky doll outfits come in all shapes, sizes and varieties for adults, kids and even your family pet! If you’ve already got your doll costume sorted, and just looking for some additional touches, why not let down your long, shiny locks in one of our wigs, or to scare away others, mask your identity in one of our facepieces? No Halloween party will be complete without scary life-sized doll fancy dress, so you better get practicing your robot walk!