Chucky Costumes

Can you imagine waking up at night and finding a scary doll-like figure underneath your bed? That’s terrifying enough, but imagine the doll coming to life and transforming into a murderer? Chucky is one of the creepiest villains in the history of all horror movies ever produced. He embodies a creepy doll and goes on his mission to kill those who hurt him. It’s definitely not a film for the fainthearted and young children! If your child is looking to take revenge on their friends at school, or you want set some spines tingling at a Halloween party, then our range of Chucky costumes will do the trick. If you want to opt for a full Chucky costume including mask, then our men’s and women’s Chucky costumes are the way to go. You’ll look almost identical to the villain himself! Alternatively, create the simple but creepy look of Chucky’s face with one of our Chucky masks. Wear your own clothes and pop on the mask for a quick and effective outfit. We also have Chucky costumes for children, which are a little less creepy. Our Chucky fancy dress outfits make a great idea for any Halloween party with friends and family. ‘Will you be my friend?’