1990s Fancy Dress

As we move into what seems like the age of futurism, the 1990’s seems long ago. For millennials, the 90s was a time of in-your-face fashion trends, upbeat dance music, RnB and of course plenty of iconic TV shows and movies. Can you remember watching Saved by the Bell on Nickelodeon or enjoying Saturday morning cartoons such as Recess and Hey Arnold? Our retro collection of 90s fancy dress costumes are inspired by all the late and great things of the decade and you’re sure to find something to catch your eye. For a look that everyone at the party will recognise, go for a 90s costume such as the California Prince, representing Will Smith’s suave threads in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The Teletubbies is a fun 90s outfit idea for groups and how can you not love an inflatable Mr Blobby costume? Want to look your best on a night out? Grab that whistle and suit up in authentic Baywatch costumes – a cool idea for couples! Find all of these plus many more 90s fancy dress costumes on Simply Fancy Dress.