Pirate Beauty Plus Size Costume

SKU: 00060069

Size: Plus 2X
Sale price£38.99


Buccaneers certainly do have all of the lawless fun on the seven seas so why can't the girls and the guys have all of the law abiding fun on the party land! Get swashbuckling while looking pretty sexy in our fiery and classic Buccaneer Beauty Plus Size costume and sail straight onto the parties hot list!

Includes: Top, Skirt, Sleeves, Hip Tie, Head Tie

Size Guide
Womens Plus 1X Plus 1X, US 16-18, UK 16-18, Bust 46", Waist 38", Hips 48", Height 68"
Womens Plus 2X Plus 2X, US 18-20, UK 18-20, Bust 48", Waist 40", Hips 50", Height 68"
Womens Plus 3X Plus 3X, US 20-22, UK 20-22, Bust 50", Waist 42", Hips 52", Height 68"

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