Childrens Classic Robin Costume

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Size: Age 3-4
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We must always remember that no good superhero goes it alone, as they always have the help of their friends in some shape or form. Batman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time, recognised for his combat skills, and not to mention his advanced gadgets. However, his right-hand man and wing man, Robin helps him along the way, and without him, who knows if he could have taken down The Joker? If your child loves to help others and wants to be in the limelight, then our children’s Classic Robin Costume is the one for him.

Our Children’s Classic Robin Costume features a green and red stretchy jumpsuit complete with padded chest. The costume also includes a detachable yellow cape and black eye mask, to keep his identity under hidden.

Your child can team up with his friend at his next superhero themed party to make the ultimate superhero duo team!

Includes: Jumpsuit with Padded Chest, Detachable Cape & Eye Mask

Size Guide
Kids Age 3-4 Age 3-4 years, Height: 98-104cm, Chest: 22"
Kids Age 4-6 Age 4-6 years, Height: 104-116cm, Chest: 23"
Kids Age 6-8 Age 6-8 years, Height: 116-128cm, Chest: 24-25"
Kids Age 8-10 Age 8-10 years, Height: 128-l40cm, Chest: 25-28"
Kids Age 10-12 Age 10-12 years, Height: 140-152cm, Chest: 28-30"

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