Childrens Classic Batman Costume

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Size: Age 3-4
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If you had to ask your child what their favourite superhero would be, it’d be pretty easy to guess what they’d say. Batman is without a doubt one of the most recognised, powerful and coolest superheroes out there. He does what’s best for Gotham City and will do everything within his power to keep civilians safe. If your child is a lover of Batman and has the same morals, then why not treat him to our children’s Classic Batman Costume?

Our Children’s Classic Batman Costumes comes with an all-in-one stretchy jumpsuit with a padded chest. The costume also includes 3D cuff detailing, a detachable black cape and a black Batman facepiece.

We think your child is finally ready to take down The Joker! It makes an excellent costume for a superhero themed party, special birthday or dressing up for Halloween.

Includes: Jumpsuit with Padded Chest and 3D Cuff Details, Detachable Cape & Mask

Size Guide
Kids Age 3-4 Age 3-4 years, Height: 98-104cm, Chest: 22"
Kids Age 4-6 Age 4-6 years, Height: 104-116cm, Chest: 23"
Kids Age 6-8 Age 6-8 years, Height: 116-128cm, Chest: 24-25"
Kids Age 8-10 Age 8-10 years, Height: 128-l40cm, Chest: 25-28"
Kids Age 10-12 Age 10-12 years, Height: 140-152cm, Chest: 28-30"

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