Fancy Dress Wigs

Fancy taking your costume to the next level? Wigs are a great way to perfect your outfit, adding those finishing touches to a character so everyone recognises who you’re supposed to be. Elvis wouldn’t be the same without his iconic hair-do, Alice in Wonderland needs long golden-blonde locks and some hairstyles really showcase the look of the era you’re going for. The 50’s, 60’s and even the 1920’s had particular hairstyles that were sported and wigs are an easy way of achieving the look without doing something drastic to your own hair. Our fancy dress wigs come in all shapes, colours and sizes, for men, women and children. Simply slide them over your head, adjust to fit and rock on at the party just like they did in the swinging 60’s! Costume wigs are based on a variety of popular styles from the past century or on particular movie stars, musicians, rock bands and TV characters. Explore our full collection of fancy dress wigs and find the perfect hair-do to suit you.