50s Fancy Dress

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    Adult Happy Camper Lady Costume

    Includes skirt and jacket with attached shirt.

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    Official T Bird Jacket & Pink Ladies Jacket Combination

    Includes T Bird Jacket and Pink Ladies Jacket.

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    Adult Happy Camper Man Costume

    Includes trousers and jacket with attached shirt.

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    Adult Official Grease T Bird Jacket

    Official T-Bird Jacket from Grease.

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    Adult 50's Diner Girl Costume

    Includes dress and mini hat.

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    50s Dress Costume

    Includes dress, scarf and belt.

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    50s Teddy Boy Costume

    Includes jacket and trousers.

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    Adult Official Grease Sandy Costume

    Includes official licensed Grease dress.

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    50s Sweetheart Costume (Plus Size)

    Includes top, skirt and scarf.

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    Faux Real Red Comic Printed Dress

    Includes dress

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    Adult Grease Cha Cha DiGregorio Costume

    Includes halterneck dress and hair clip.

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    Adult Holiday Day Camp Hostess (Hi De Hi) Costume

    Includes jacket with shirt insert and skirt.

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    Marilyn Monroe Dress

    Includes dress.

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    Hollywood Goddess Costume

    Includes dress.

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    Marilyn Monroe Costume

    Includes dress.

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    Adult June 50s Costume with Cherry Purse

    Includes dress and cherry pie bag.

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    Adult 50's College Jock Letterman Jacket

    Includes jacket.

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    50s Poodle Girl Costume (Plus Size)

    Includes jacket, shirt and skirt.

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    Adult Red Teddy Boy Costume

    Includes jacket, shrit and necktie.

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    Official Grease Beauty School Dropout Costume

    Includes dress and belt.


One of the key trends in both the UK and the US was the growth in youth culture and this is reflected in our costume range. Music changed drastically from the crooners of the forties to the Rock and Roll era, with huge names such as Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard rising to prominence. Other subcultures arose in the fifties, including the Beatnik movement in the US and the Teddy Boy in the UK.

Alongside the music revolution, screen sirens were rising to the fore, including the icon of the fifties, Marilyn Monroe.

Our 50s costumes reflect many of the subculture movements; we have a collection of stylish Marilyn Monroe dresses taken from her legendary 'Some Like It Hot' scene, teddy boy costumes and poodle dresses galore reflecting the rockin' and rollin' 50s. These 50s fancy dress costumes are just waiting for you to have a boogie in them, just don't ruin your "do" guys.

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