Zombie Costumes

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    Zombie Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Combination

    Become a zombie schoolboy and schoolgirl with this terrifying Halloween combination!

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    Zombie Bride & Groom Couple Costumes

    Zombie bride and groom couple costumes.

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    Zombie Dorothy Costume

    Includes dress with chest piece and apron.

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    Zombie Cheerleader & Footballer Combination

    Have a scary Halloween sports day with this zombie cheerleader and footballer couple combination.

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    Horror in Aliceland Costume

    Includes dress with apron, belt and hairband with bow.

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    Adult Crypt Crawler Halloween Costume

    Includes robe, tie belt, hood, hands and mask.

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    High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl Costume

    High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl Costume includes jacket with shirt, tie and skirt.

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    Psycho Clown Costume

    Includes top, trousers with braces and headpiece.

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    Adult Skeleton Zombie Halloween Costume

    Includes mask, shirt, trousers and gloves.

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    Adult Zombie Nurse Costume

    Includes dress, mask and headpiece.

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    Dead Bride Costume

    Includes dress, veil and bouquet.

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    Zombie Nun & Priest Couples Costumes

    Zombie Nun & Priest Couples Costumes.

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    Zombie Snow White Costume

    Includes dress with latex chest and headband.

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    Zombie Convicts Couple Costumes

    Zombie convicts couple costumes.

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    Female Pirate Halloween Costume

    Includes top, skirt, jacket and hat.

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    Zombie Cheerleader Costume

    Zombie Cheerleader Costume includes dress and pom poms.

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    Zombie Groom Costume

    Includes jacket with waistcoat, scarf, trousers and top hat.

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    Adult Complete Zombie Halloween Costume

    Adult Complete Zombie Halloween Costume includes shirt, trousers and mask.

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    Zombie Policeman Costume

    Includes top with tie and latex piece, trousers and hat.

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    Screaming Zombie Morphsuit

    Includes one-piece lycra bodysuit.


Get the back from the dead look you have always wanted with our gruesome range of zombie costumes. You won't just find your average looking ugly zombie fancy dress costume here however, we have every type you could possibly think of including zombie bride costumes and zombie cowboy costumes!

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