Wild West Fancy Dress

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    Value Fancy Dress Female Saloon Girl Costume

    Make a money saving with the Adult Cheap Saloon Girl Costume! This costume includes a ruffled red, white and red saloon dress.

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    Sexy Can Can/Saloon Girl Costume

    Sexy Can Can/Saloon Girl Costume

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    US Cavalry Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers with braces, scarf, hat, belt, boot covers, gauntlets and gun.

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    Adult Shoot'em Up Cowgirl / Mexican Costume

    Get your guns ready in the Adult Shoot'em Up Cowgirl/ Mexican Costume! The costume includes a shirt, skirt, hat, two bottle holsters, test tube shots, shot glasses, badge and belt

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    Adult Sexy Indian Princess Costume

    Become part of the tribe in the Adult Sexy Indian Princess Costume! The costume includes a brown dress with tassel edging, armband, boot tops and hair clip.

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    Women's Cowgirl Fancy Dress Costume

    Head to the rodeo in the Adult Cowgirl Dress! This short dress is white with a brown holster and gun print.

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    Saloon Madame Costume

    Turn heads in the Adult Saloon Madame Costume! This costume includes a dress, hat with a feather plume and a pendant choker.

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    Adult Indian Noble Warrior Costume

    Look authentic in the Adult Indian Noble Warrior Costume! The costume includes brown and beige trousers, top, tabbard and armbands.

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    Adult Gun Fighter Cowboy Costume

    Be the fastest gunslinger in the wild west with the cowboy style Adult Gunfighter Costume! The costume includes a black duster coat, striped waistcoat, dickey, black cowboy hat and holsters.

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    Adult Ride 'Em Cowboy Inflatable Costume

    Be the best at rodeo with the hilarious Adult Ride 'Em Cowboy Inflatable Costume! The costume includes an inflatable horse with trouser legs and a brown Stetson hat.

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    Adult Indian Woman Costume

    Look authentically tribal in the colourful Adult Indian Woman Costume! The costume includes a brown dress with tassels, armband, leg ties, belt and feathered headband.

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    Adult Fever Pocahontas Costume

    Change the usual indigenous American Indian costume into the Adult Fever Pocahontas Costume! The costume includes a short brown dress with tassels plus matching arm cuffs.

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    Adult Fever Bow Burlesque Costume

    The Adult Fever Bow Burlesque Costume includes corset dress.

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    Western Cowboy Costume

    Ride that pony with the Adult Classic Cowboy Costume! This costume includes a waistcoat, chaps, scarf and hat.

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    Female Steampunk Costume

    Have an individual look with the Adult Steampunk Showgirl Costume! The costume includes a top, pantaloons and a skirt with bustle and belt.

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    Round 'Em Up! Cowgirl Costume

    Get that gun ready with the Adult Round 'Em Up! Cowgirl Costume! The costume includes waistcoat, holster belt, duster coat, collar and badges and a cowboy hat.

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    Adult Western Mexican Bandit Costume

    Grab those guns and your horse in the Adult Western Mexican Bandit Costume! The costume includes pinstripe trousers, shirt with waistcoat and neck tie.

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    Adult Womens Indian Scout Costume

    Includes dress, feather headband and boot covers.

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    Adult Hey Amigo Mexican With Donkey Costume

    Be the funniest looking cowboy in town with the Adult Hey Amigo Mexican With Donkey Costume! The costume includes a multicoloured poncho and trousers with attached donkey and oversized moustache.

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    Fever Burlesque Costume (Purple)

    Drive the party wild with the Adult Fever Burlesque Beauty Purple Costume! The costume includes a purple satin like corset and a matching purple tutu skirt.


Yeeehaaa, are you a Cowboy or an Indian, a Saloon Girl or an Indian Princess? Take your pick from this fine mix of gunslinging sheriffs and ranch beauties to create an amazing wild west look for your Cowboys and Indians fancy dress party.

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