Uniform Fancy Dress

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    Sailor Dress Costume

    Set sail on the seven seas with the Adult Sweet Sailor Girl Costume! This costume includes a dress with white top and blue skirt plus white hat with anchor design.

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    1940s Army Girl Costume

    Take a journey back in time with the Adult WW2 Pin-up Army Girl Costume! The costume includes a calf length green dress with t-shirt style top and a mini hat.

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    Fireman Costume

    Heat up the party with the Adult Classic Fireman Costume! The costume comes with a black jacket with fluorescent strips and matching trousers.

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    Adult Florida Detective (Pink and White) Costume

    Do your detective work in the Adult Pink and White Florida Detective Costume! The costume includes white jacket, white trousers and pink shirt.

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    Women's WWII Air Force Uniform

    Command the skies in the Women's WW2 Airforce Captain Costume! This costume comes with a navy skirt and matching jacket with inbuilt blouse with tie and belt.

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    Camo Army Girl Costume

    Stand to attention in the Adult Camo Army Girl Costume! This costume includes a green vest top and camouflage trousers.

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    Nurse Dress

    Take care of your patients in the Adult Nurse Dress! This dress is short, white and contains a red emblem with white cross.

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    Adult Arctic Camo Army Girl Fancy Dress Costume

    Get ready for cold conditions with the Adult Arctic Camo Army Girl Costume! This costume includes a black vest and black and white camouflage trousers.

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    Adult Male WW2 Fighter Pilot Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers, harness, gloves and headpiece with attached goggles.

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    Naval Officer Costume

    Command the boat and party with the Adult Naval Officer Costume! The costume includes white trousers, matching jacket and lapels plus peaked captain cap.

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    Adult Male Boer Costume

    Includes jacket, belt with attached gun holster, trousers, hat and boot covers.

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    Lord Nelson Costume

    Become a famous English naval commander in the Adult Admiral Lord Nelson Costume! The costume includes trousers, jacket, hat with attached hair, sash and medals.

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    Top Gun Costume

    Be the fastest in the sky with the licensed Adult Top Gun Pilot! The costume includes a green jumpsuit with patch detailing and black sunglasses.

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    US Cavalry Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers with braces, scarf, hat, belt, boot covers, gauntlets and gun.

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    Adult Army Soldier Costume

    The Adult Soldier Costume includes trousers with boot covers, jacket, belt and cap.

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    Adult Soldier Costume

    Includes jacket, hat and inflatable gun.

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    Sniper Ghillie Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes mesh lined ghillie suit

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    Captain Birdseye Fancy Dress Costume

    Provide tasty fish fingers in the Adult Captain Fish Finger Costume! This costume includes a jacket, shirt front, trousers and hat.

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    Home Guard Army Costume

    Obey orders in the military style Adult Home Guard Army Costume! The costume includes brown trousers and matching jacket with award badges plus hat.

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    The Full Monty Stripper Fancy Dress Costume

    Show off your moves in the Adult Full Monty Stripper Costume! This costume includes a jacket, trousers, shirt, tie and hat.


Whether you are aiming for the Land, Sea or Air look, we can cater for all with our army costumes, navy costumes and air force costumes. Everyone looks good in uniform, but the Captain Costume will make all girls hearts flutter and ALL the sexy costumes for girls will be a big hit with the boys!

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