School Uniform Fancy Dress

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    Adult Boy Scout and Girl Brownie Couple Costumes

    Adventure boy and adventure girl couples costumes.

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    Adult Girl's Brownie Uniform Costume

    Includes dress, scarf, belt and hat.

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    Adult Boy Scout Costume

    Includes top, shorts, scarf, hat and badges.

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    Cheap Fancy Dress Female School Girl Costume

    Includes blazer, shirt front and skirt

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    Teacher Costume

    Includes gown.

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    Nerd Turd Poo Costume

    Includes bodysuit with attached headpiece, glasses and braces

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    Schoolgirl Costume

    Includes skirt, blouse and blazer.

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    Adult Fever School Girl Costume

    Includes dress, tie and panties.

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    Adult School Girl Tutu Dress

    Includes hat, shirt, neck tie, dress and stockings.

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    Schoolgirl Tutu Kit

    Includes tutu, tie and hairbands with bows.

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    Adult 50's College Jock Letterman Jacket

    Includes jacket.

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    Schoolboy Costume

    Includes blazer, shirt front and tie, shorts, and cap.

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    Men's Nerd Costume

    Includes jumpsuit with belt, tie, pocket protector and glasses.

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    Adult Naughty School Girl Costume

    Includes dress, shirt and tie.

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    Adult Teach Me Schoolgirl Costume

    Includes top, skirt, hair bows and glasses.

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    Adult 50s Class Nerd Costume

    Includes trousers and attached shirt with bow tie and belt.

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    Nerd Glasses

    Nerd Glasses.

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    Black headmaster's hat with tassel detail.

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    Schoolboy Set

    Includes wig & glasses.

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    Geek Kit

    Includes glasses, braces and bow tie.


Here you can find both teacher and pupil costumes for those school uniform fancy dress parties and events. You can choose between the traditional or the sexy look for the girls, although we can't remember many Grade A students looking quite as good as this!

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