Adult Red Second Skin Suit

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Size: Medium (2nd Skin)
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Be whatever you want to be in the Adult Red Second Skin Suit.

No one will ever guess who is hiding behind this original outfit, as you will be covered from top to toe. Of course, you’ll still be able to breathe and even drink through the fabric.

This funky and specially designed lycra jumpsuit covers your entire body and face and fastens at the back with a zip. You can easily release your head by unzipping the top of the outfit and releasing the hood.

It’s an ideal costume for stag nights, sports events, festivals, carnivals…you name it!

Includes: Lycra Jumpsuit

Size Guide
2nd Skin Men Medium (2nd Skin) Medium Height Shorter than 5'4"
2nd Skin Men Large (2nd Skin) Large Height Shorter than 5'4"-5'10"
2nd Skin Men X-Large (2nd Skin) X-Large Height Shorter than 5'10"-6'3"

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