Kids Mary Poppins Costume

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Size: Age 3-4
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Treat your child to our ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ Kids Mary Poppins costume and watch her transform into our favourite magical nanny. Watch her use her umbrella as a parachute, speak to animals and unload her never ending bag, all whilst being dressed in style.

The Kids Mary Poppins Costume is made up of the iconic blue dress with white shirt effect detailing, ruffled fabric at the shoulders, a frilly collar and a red bow tie. No Mary Poppins outfit would be complete without a black bowler hat with pretty flowers attached. It ensures that she looks ‘practically perfect in every way’.

This is the ideal costume for World Book Day, or if your little one is in the mood to spread some magic!

Includes: Dress, Bow tie, Bowler Hat

Excludes: Tights, Shoes

Size Guide
Kids Age 3-4 Small Age 3-4 Height 104cm, Waist 51cm
Kids Age 5-6 Medium Age 5-6 Height 116cm, Waist 53cm
Kids Age 7-8 Large Age 7-8 Height 128cm, Waist 56cm

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