Childrens Deluxe Supergirl Costume


Does your little darling think that she is a superhero? Why not make her Supergirl, with this pretty, shiny costume? She’ll be happy flying around showing off her cool new outfit!

The Childrens Deluxe Supergirl Costume includes a blue velvet-style dress with red metallic skirt and gold belt, matching red and gold boot covers, and a red cape. The dress has the iconic Superman logo on the chest to make her feel like the real movie star!

It’s the perfect costume for special fancy dress parties, World Book Week, Halloween, or simply dressing up at home.

Includes: Dress, Cape, Belt, Boot Tops

Size Guide
Kids Age 3-4 Small Age 3-4 Height 104cm, Waist 51cm
Kids Age 5-6 Medium Age 5-6 Height 116cm, Waist 53cm
Kids Age 8-10 Large Age 8-10 Height 147cm, Waist 82cm