Pirate Costumes

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    Adult Captain Pugwash Costume

    Includes shirt with attached jacket, trousers with attached boot covers and headpiece.

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    Adult Sexy Swashbuckler Costume

    Includes bodice, skirt, hat, sleeves and belt.

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    Women's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    A fun red pirate dress

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    Adult Women's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes top, trousers, waistcoat, waspie, belt, boot toppers, and hat

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    Adult Somali Pirate Costume

    Includes top, waistcoat, trousers and headpiece.

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    Cheap Fancy Dress Female Pirate Costume

    Includes dress, bandana and wrist cuffs

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    High Seas Pirate Wench Costume

    Includes dress, trousers and shoulder belt.

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    Adult Fever Swashbuckler Costume BLACK/GOLD

    Includes jacket with attached dress and hat.

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    Adult Tubby Pirate Costume

    Includes top with attached belly, shorts, hat, sideburns and glasses.

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    Shipmate Sweetie Pirate Costume

    Includes top, skirt, leggings, headscarf, two belts and boot cuffs.

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    Pirate Woman Costume

    Includes dress, headpiece and wrist cuffs.

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    Sultry Pirate Lady Costume

    Includes top, skirt and belt.

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    Glam Pirate Lady Costume

    Includes dress and hat.

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    Adult Men's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers and hat

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    On Stranger Tides Jack Sparrow Costume

    Jack Sparrow costume includes shirt with waistcoat, trousers with boot tops and bandana with hair and beads.

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    Adult Mens Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers, head tie, boot covers, belt and wrist cuffs.

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    Adult Sassy Pirate Wench Costume

    Includes top, skirt, belt and headscarf.

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    Captain Hook Costume

    Includes jacket, top and trousers.

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    Adult High-Seas Rogue Pirate Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers, bandana, belt, waist sash and boot covers.

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    Ladies' Pirate Costume

    Includes dress with attached jacket.


Arrrr, It's time to practice your pirate impressions whilst you decide which pirate costume is the one for you. Always a popular choice amongst fancy dress fans, we think it's because you get to play with a sword for a day!

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