Pirate Costumes

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    Adult Captain Pugwash Costume

    Includes shirt with attached jacket, trousers with attached boot covers and headpiece.

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    Adult Sexy Swashbuckler Costume

    Includes bodice, skirt, hat, sleeves and belt.

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    Women's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    A fun red pirate dress

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    Adult Women's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes top, trousers, waistcoat, waspie, belt, boot toppers, and hat

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    Adult Somali Pirate Costume

    Includes top, waistcoat, trousers and headpiece.

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    Cheap Fancy Dress Female Pirate Costume

    Includes dress, bandana and wrist cuffs

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    High Seas Pirate Wench Costume

    Includes dress, trousers and shoulder belt.

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    Adult Fever Swashbuckler Costume BLACK/GOLD

    Includes jacket with attached dress and hat.

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    Shipmate Sweetie Pirate Costume

    Includes top, skirt, leggings, headscarf, two belts and boot cuffs.

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    Sultry Pirate Lady Costume

    Includes top, skirt and belt.

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    Pirate Woman Costume

    Includes dress, headpiece and wrist cuffs.

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    Adult Tubby Pirate Costume

    Includes top with attached belly, shorts, hat, sideburns and glasses.

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    Glam Pirate Lady Costume

    Includes dress and hat.

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    Adult Men's Pirate Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers and hat

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    Adult Sassy Pirate Wench Costume

    Includes top, skirt, belt and headscarf.

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    Adult High-Seas Rogue Pirate Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers, bandana, belt, waist sash and boot covers.

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    Rogue Pirate & Buccaneer Beauty Combination

    Become buccaneers with these pirate couple costumes.

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    Lady Pirate Costume

    Includes corset with attached blouse, layered skirt, headpiece and eye patch.

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    Adult Fever Striped Pirate Costume

    Includes dress, sleeves, eye patch and scarf.

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    On Stranger Tides Jack Sparrow Costume

    Jack Sparrow costume includes shirt with waistcoat, trousers with boot tops and bandana with hair and beads.


Arrrr, It's time to practice your pirate impressions whilst you decide which pirate costume is the one for you. Always a popular choice amongst fancy dress fans, we think it's because you get to play with a sword for a day!

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