Historical Costumes

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    Lord Nelson Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers, hat with attached hair, sash and medals.

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    Adult Male WW2 Fighter Pilot Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers, harness, gloves and headpiece with attached goggles.

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    Adult Male Boer Costume

    Includes jacket, belt with attached gun holster, trousers, hat and boot covers.

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    Adult Golly Costume

    Includes jacket with attached waistcoat and gloves, shirt front with attached bow tie, trousers, shoe covers, wig and mask.

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    Kamikaze Pilot Costume

    Includes jumpsuit, harness, boot tops and bandanna.

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    'The Elephant Man' Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes robe, shawl, hat and headpiece

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    King Henry VIII Costume

    Includes jacket with attached shirt, shorts, headpiece and leg covers.

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    WW2 Womens 1940s Military Dress

    Includes dress.

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    Adult Male Albert Einstein Costume

    Includes lab coat, waistcoat with attached shirt, moustache, eyebrows & wig.

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    Adult Knight Crusader Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes top with attached overall, trousers, headpiece, cape, wrist cuffs, black belt & black studded boot covers

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    Medieval Plague Doctor Halloween Costume

    Includes robe, collar, belt, hat and mask

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    Queen Victoria Costume

    Includes dress and headpiece.

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    Adult WW2 Land Girl Costume

    Includes top, dungarees and headscarf.

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    Adult Jack The Ripper Costume

    Includes vest, cloak, hat and jabot

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    Adult Knight in Shining Armour Costume

    Includes helmet, shoulder and chest armour, arm and leg armour, hood, trousers and shirt.

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    Marie Antoinette Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes dress and feather headpiece.

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    Adult Mark Antony Costume

    Includes tunic, cape, headpiece, cuffs and belt.

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    Leg Avenue Bewitching Evil Queen Costume

    Includes dress with lace bodice and caplet, attached clear straps and crown.

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    Peasant Dress Costume (Plus Size)

    Includes dress with adjustable skirt and headscarf.

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    Leg Avenue Deluxe Evil Queen Costume

    Includes fishtail dress with collar and crown headband.


Whether it's a medieval knight fancy dress costume draped in the St. George's flag or a Sherlock Holmes costume with his magnifying glass, it's time to dress up and get patriotic with these famous characters from the wonderful land that is Eng-land.

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