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    Police Couples Costumes

    Policeman & Police Woman Combination.

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    Police Woman Costume

    Includes dress, hat and belt.

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    Child Police Boy Costume

    Includes top, trousers, hat and radio set.

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    Police Woman Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes top, skirt and cap.

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    Police Woman Costume (Body Shaper)

    Includes dress with body shaper and petticoat, jacket, removable garters, belt, handcuffs, hat and tie.

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    Female Police Costume

    Includes dress, belt and hat.

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    Adult Womens Stop Traffic Police Costume

    Includes catsuit, hat, belt with attached holster and gloves.

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    Policeman Costume

    Includes jacket with attached shirt bib, trousers and cap.

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    Adult Fever Naughty Police Costume

    Includes dress, tie, belt and hat.

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    Police Leg Garter

    Black police garter with badge.

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    Police Truncheon

    Made of PVC and squeaks when squeezed.

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    Police Woman Set

    Policewoman set includes white shirt collar, checked necktie and black shoulder epaulettes.

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    Policewoman Hat

    Felt police woman hat.

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    Policeman Panda Cap

    Black fabric police panda cap with a black and white checked trim.

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    Adult Sexy Policewoman Costume

    Includes skirt, top, hat and neck piece.

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    Policeman Second Skin Kit

    Includes second skin, helmet, truncheon and badge.

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    Adult Policeman with Cap Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers, belt, shirt front, hat and truncheon

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    Leg Avenue Traffic Stop Cop Costume

    Includes zipper front peplum dress, belt, and hat

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    Leg Avenue Women's Zombie Cop Costume

    Includes dress, tie and fingerless gloves.

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    Adult Policewoman Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes jacket, shirt front with attached cravat, skirt, hat and belt