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    Child Green Ninja Warrior Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes bodysuit, vest and hood

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    Ninja Morphsuit

    One-piece Ninja Morphsuit Lycra bodysuit.

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    Ninja Costume

    Includes top, trousers, hood, arm and leg ties and belt.

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    Ninja Absorber Sanitary Towel Costume with Tampon Nunchucks

    Includes bodysuit and nunchucks.

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    Child Ninja Costume

    Includes jumpsuit, belt, hood and bands.

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    Black Ninja Child Costume

    Includes hooded shirt; trousers; face mask; belt; arm and leg ties

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    White Ninja Costume

    Includes top, trousers, arm and leg ties, belt and mask.

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    Child Ninja Shadow Costume

    Includes jumpsuit, tunic, belt, hood and headband.

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    Child Ninja Morphsuit

    Includes one-piece Lycra bodysuit.

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    Adult Male Ninja Warrior Costume

    Includes tunic, belt, leg warmers and ninja mask.

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    Child Robot Ninja Xtreme Costume

    Includes hooded top, tabard, mask with lights and sound, sash, arm guards and leg ties

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    Teen Ninja Warrior Costume

    Includes head cover, shirt, sash and trousers.

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    Adult Ninja Master Costume

    Includes shirt, trousers, hood, body armour, arm and leg guards.

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    Adult Ninja Woman Costume

    Includes jumpsuit with hood and ribbons, mask, wrist cuffs and belt.

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    Child White Ninja Costume

    Includes a hooded shirt, trousers, belt, face mask, arm and leg ties.

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    Child Mirror Ninja Costume

    Includes top, trousers, tunic with belt, ankle guards, wrist guards and hood with mirror mask.

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    Child Cobra Ninja Costume

    Includes hooded jumpsuit, mask, sash and leg ties

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    Child Black Ninja Costume

    Includes overall with breastplate, knee saver, arm protectors and mask.

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    Adult Bargain Ninja Costume

    includes hood, mask, shirt, belt and trousers.

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    Child Red Ninja Costume

    Includes t-shirt with hood, mask, breast piece, wristband, kneepads and trousers.