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    Mexican Tequila Dude & Sexy Shooter Combo

    Our Adult Tequila Pop 'N' Dude & Sexy Shooter Combination is perfect for a summer party.

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    Adult Mexican Man Costume

    Includes shirt front with waistcoat and bow, jacket and trousers.

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    Adult Mexican Tortilla Guy Costume

    Includes jacket with attached waistcoat, shirt front, bow tie and trousers.

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    Adult Rainbow Mexican Poncho

    Includes poncho.

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    Adult Western Mexican Bandit Costume

    Includes shirt, top, trousers and scarf.

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    Mexican Tequila Pop'N Dude Costume

    Includes belts, straw hat, serape and eight shot glasses.

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    Halloween Ghost Town Mexican Bandit Costume

    Includes shirt, neck scarf, hat, bullet holder straps and belt.

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    Traditional Mexican Woman Costume

    Includes dress and sash.

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    Child Mexican Boy Costume

    Includes shirt, straw hat and moustache.

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    Adult Shoot'em Up Cowgirl / Mexican Costume

    Includes shirt, skirt, hat, badge, belt, bottle holsters, test tube shots and shot glasses.

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    Mexican Sombrero Hat

    Large black mexican sombrero with decorative white band and white neck cord.

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    Mexican Moustache

    Mexican bandit style black moustache.

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    Mexican Sombrero

    Multicoloured sombrero.

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    Made of real straw, this is an authentic-look Mexican Sombrero with wide diameter brim.

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    Sombrero Hat

    Black straw Mexican sombrero hat with white bobbles.

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    El Muerto OppoSuit

    Includes jacket, trousers and tie

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    Adult Fever Day Of The Dead Catsuit

    Includes catsuit and rose headband.

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    Bandit Moustache

    Bandit moustache.

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    Adult Day of the Dead Senorita Costume

    Includes printed top, skirt, rose headband and latex mask.

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    Women's Day of the Dead Costume

    Includes dress, scarf and mask.