Ghost Costumes

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    Sexy Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man Couple Costumes

    Includes female Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man costumes.

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    Ghostly Bride Costume

    Includes dress, skull headband with veil, detachable train and choker. Petticoat not included.

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    Headless Ghost Costume

    Includes waistcoat with attached sleeves, cravat and cape plus headpiece and inflatable shoulders.

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    Female Ghostbusters Costume

    Includes dress, hat, belt and backpack.

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    Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume

    Sexy Ghostbusters costume includes hat, jumpsuit, belt and backpack.

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    Halloween Wild West Woman Costume

    Includes top, skirt and hat.

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    Female Pirate Halloween Costume

    Includes top, skirt, jacket and hat.

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    Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

    Includes inflatable jumpsuit.

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    Bride of the Dead Costume

    Includes dress and veil.

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    Women's Halloween Pirate Costume

    Includes dress and hat.

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    Ghost Groom Costume

    Includes jacket, shirt with bow tie, trousers and skull buttonhole.

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    Men's Halloween Ghostbusters Costume (Plus Size)

    Includes jumpsuit and inflatable proton pack.

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    Ghost Bride & Groom Combination

    Become a ghostly bride and groom with these fantastic Halloween couple costumes!

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    Dead Groom & Bride Couple Costumes

    Dead groom and bride couple costumes.

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    Adult Ghost Bride Halloween Costume

    Includes dress, veil and bouquet.

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    Adult Ghostly Gentleman Halloween Costume

    Includes jacket, hat and scarf.

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    Adult Scream Stalker Halloween Costume

    Includes hooded robe, belt and mask.

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    Haunting Beauty Costume

    Includes dress, cape with attached hood and chains

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    Halloween Saloon Girl Costume

    Includes dress, over skirt and headband.

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    Pirate Girl Halloween Costume

    Includes dress, hat and eye patch.


Ghost costumes have come a long way since the days of a white sheet with 2 eye holes cut out of it. Now you can find chilling ghost fancy dress costumes like the ones below that will have you doubting whether you actually saw someone or not. Find something perfect for a Halloween fancy dress party and save pounds with our competitively priced selection.

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