Fun Fancy Dress

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    Ostrich Rider Costume

    Includes jacket with shirt front, skirt with bird and legs, under-skirt, hoops, trousers and shoe covers.

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    Bath Duck Costume

    Includes headpiece, top and trousers with attached feet.

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    Rob and Emu Costume

    Includes jacket and bird puppet.

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    Adult Knob Jockey Fancy Dress Costume

    Comedy jockey costume; includes top, trousers and hat

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    Adult The Joker Complete Costume

    Includes jacket with vest, trousers and mask.

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    Adult Jet Pack Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes trousers, backpack and fake legs

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    Road Cone Costume

    Includes bodysuit and headpiece.

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    Adult Alien Costume

    Includes jumpsuit and headpiece.

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    Adult Dusty Bin Costume

    Includes tunic and boot covers.

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    Adult Groping Granny Costume

    Includes bodysuit and dress.

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    Group Crayon Costume Combination

    Includes seven printed dresses and matching hats

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    Adult Flour Man Costume

    Includes top, trousers, gloves, shoe covers and headpiece.

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    Adult 'Iron Man' Costume

    Includes tunic.

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    Women's Blue Crayon Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes dress and hat

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    Men's Pub Golf Costume

    Includes top, shorts and visor.

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    Adult in Jail Costume

    Includes tunic

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    Muscle Chest Top

    Long-sleeved padded muscle chest top, for creating an athletic look.

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    Group Portable Media Player Costume Combination

    Includes six printed dresses

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    Inflatable Space Hopper Costume

    Includes bodysuit and fan system

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    Adult Toilet Roll & Number 2 Poo Costume Combination

    Toilet roll and poo combination costumes.


Looking to attract some attention through your fancy dress costume? Well, you are a certainly in the right category, these funny costumes are certain to get a few stares, more laughs and even the odd "tut".

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