Film and TV Fancy Dress

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    Magical Nanny Costume (And Parrot Head Umbrella Cover)

    Includes jacket, collar piece with attached bow, skirt, hat and umbrella cover.

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    Happy Camper Couples Costumes

    Happy Campers costumes.

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    Chocolate Man & Female Oompa Loompa Costumes

    Chocolate man and female oompa loompa couple costumes.

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    Adult Bloody Prom Queen Costume

    Includes dress and wig

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    Female Super Plumber & Super Plumber's Mate Combination

    Includes one Female Super Plumber costume and one Female Super Plumber's Mate costume

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    Adult Manic Superhero Costume

    Includes jacket with attached shirt, trousers, tie and hat.

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    Ostrich Rider Costume

    Includes jacket with shirt front, skirt with bird and legs, under-skirt, hoops, trousers and shoe covers.

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    Adult Harlequin Jester Fancy Dress Costume

    Includes dress, glovelettes, and headband

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    Adult Stag Night Hero Costume

    Includes t-shirt, wig, beard, sunglasses, baby carrier and baby.

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    Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Combination

    Includes one Oliver Hardy costume and one Stan Laurel costume

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    Adult Flying Primate Costume

    Includes bodysuit, top, mask and hat

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    Hairy Relative Costume

    Includes hair bodysuit, hat and glasses.

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    Chocolate Man & Oompa Loompa Combination

    Our Adult Chocolate Man & Oompa Loompa Combination is always a popular choice for fancy dress parties!

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    Oompa Loompa Couple Costumes

    Oompa Loompa couple costumes.

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    Toy Green Army Man Costume (And Gun)

    Includes jacket, trousers, helmet, boot covers, belt, stand and gun.

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    Adult Happy Camper Lady Costume

    Includes skirt and jacket with attached shirt.

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    Adult Cartoon Bear Costume

    Includes top, trousers, scarf, headpiece and gloves

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    Female Super Plumber Costume

    Includes all in one suit, and hat

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    Sexy Miss Scissorhands Costume

    Includes dress, scissorhand gloves, glovelet, choker, belt and wig.

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    Adult Darko Rabbit Costume

    Includes bodysuit and headpiece


A big category with lots of choice, pick your favourite film and television characters and become them for the night. Choose between great fancy dress outfits such as the Evil Madame Costume and the Flash Gordon costume.

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