Death Costumes

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    Adult Darko Rabbit Costume

    Includes bodysuit and headpiece

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    Baron Samedi Halloween Costume

    Includes jacket, vest shirt, trousers and hat.

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    Gothic 'The Crow' Avenger Costume

    Includes jacket, top, trousers and belt.

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    Adult Broken Doll Costume

    Includes dress; hair bow; footless tights

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    Adult Grim Reaper Halloween Costume

    Grim Reaper costume includes robe and mask.

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    Adult Crypt Crawler Halloween Costume

    Includes robe, tie belt, hood, hands and mask.

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    Medieval Plague Doctor Halloween Costume

    Includes robe, collar, belt, hat and mask

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    Halloween Wild West Woman Costume

    Includes top, skirt and hat.

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    Spider Pattern Sequin Halloween Fashion Dress

    Includes sequined spider dress.

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    Evil Unchained

    Includes robe, character mask, hood with drape, waist chain, and wrist chain

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    Bride of the Dead Costume

    Includes dress and veil.

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    Adult Deluxe Grim Reaper Costume

    Grim reaper costume includes robe, hood with cape and vinyl hands.

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    Children Damaged Doll Costume

    Includes dress, attached apron, headband, mask, arm warmers and leggings.

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    Teen Shattered Doll Costume

    Includes dress, headband, mask, choker, and gloves tights.

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    Evil King Costume

    Includes tunic, cowl, cape, crown, belt with buckle and cuffs.

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    Halloween Scream Costume Kit

    Includes robe, waist tie and mask.

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    Adult Cult Leader Halloween Costume

    Includes robe, belt and latex mask.

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    Adult Sugar Skull Cat Costume

    Includes printed bodysuit.

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    Child Emperor of Evil Costume

    Includes robe, chest drape, hooded cape, gloves, belt, mask, and medallion.

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    Lady Reaper Costume

    Includes halter dress, hooded cape, printed glovelettes and chain belt


One of the most popular and scariest Halloween costumes, death is recognised as an entity in many cultures, with a collection of suitably ominous names including the Angel of Death, the Grim Reaper or the Devil of Death. Here in the UK he is referred to in folklore as the Grim Reaper and has appeared in literature as a skeleton wearing a hooded black cloak and carrying a scythe. In some cultures 'he' is a 'she' which lends itself well to a male or female costume, enhancing the popularity today. So whether you are looking for a scary man or a sexy woman we can help.

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